Enhanced Customer Confidence

Information Technology

NETWORK - SHI India has a robust IT network which is well secured and integrated through its IT centers in Korea and Singapore. High end IT infrastructure enables SHI India the best connectivity with SHI Korea and Worldwide. This facilitates real time reviews, virtual next floor office environment and concurrent engineering.

SERVERS - SHI India has latest and efficient servers for file sharing and other applications.

WORKSTATIONS - SHI India has high end workstations to meet to all engineering needs

Information Security

SECURITY - All the servers and workstations are connected to a centralized security system. We use Digital Rights Management (DRM) system to provide reliable inscription method for data protection.

VIRUS PROTECTION – Centralized and automatic virus protection is used in SHI India. Daily virus scan is scheduled for servers and workstations.

DATA STORAGE SYSTEM – Daily data backup is kept for records & retrieval purpose. For disaster management monthly full backup is kept in two different seismic zones.