Management Vision

Offshore engineering solution

Leading to perfection...

In line with Samsung Group’s philosophy and Values, Samsung Heavy Industries India (SHII) is committed to service its customers with delight by creating innovative value Engineering Solutions for their prestigious offshore Oil & Gas Projects.

Striving to be one of the best offshore Global Engineering Company, SHII also believes in enrichment of skills and lives of its Employees and support the society.

Samsung Heavy Industries is the world's no.1 total solution provider of high added-value ships, and has maintained its leadership in the offshore drilling and production facility market. In addition, the company is advancing the industry by applying differentiated digital technology and automated systems to its products.

SHII is Asia's best leading engineering company. Having high-technique of engineering experience in various projects. We do perfect work with core team based on the understanding of what are the client's needs.

All employees of SHII promise to fulfill their corporate ethics and social responsibilities by ensuring compliance.

We are dedicated to providing our customers, investors and all other with accurate information via website.


YoungKeon Kim